The art of ‘SERPing’

“The art of using Google Search Engine Results Pages to find the answer to your search query”

Here’s a term to coin. Ever tried it? I do it quite a lot. Like most semantics and search engines there is an art to picking your search term. Statistics show that the number of words in a search string is increasing as search engines become part of daily life and users get more an more savvy as to what to search for.

It’s the latest advance in time saving techniques.

I use it most when I’m on the move, when there’s a slow connection, or when I’m in a rush and don’t mind ‘reading between the lines’.

I’ll do it when I’m looking for definitions of words so as I don’t have to even click on the already provided ‘definition’ link. Try this.

I’ll do it to check cost comparisons; I’ll do it to check I’ve got the title of a track, film or book right,

I use it for addresses and postcodes – there’s almost always someone who’s registered a business or a PO box next door from whom you can pinch their postcode.

My iPhone has brought this fad into my mainstream behaviour. The SERPs on the mobile Safari pages on the iPhone often have hyperlinked phone numbers allowing me to bypass directory enquiries, bypass asking  anyone, even bypass clicking through to Yell or Thomson.

What an antisocial git.

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Not in the least bit copyrighted by Tim Aldiss 2012