The telectroscope

There’s a great art installation that joins Manhattan to the financial distrcit of London in place at the moment. It’s called the Telectroscope (wikipedia definition & website link).

Not only does it look the dogs in that it bursts up out of the earth where it sits but it’s a real time link by wifi, so that when you look down one end you see what’s happeneing live at the other at that moment. So whatever time of day it is you can wave and blow kisses to, or moonies, or whatever is your preference and you get a live response! Cool huh.

There’s a good write up in the Sunday Times today – “The undersea tube is a metaphor for our new connectivity”… it “can be just looked through, but it only really works if you do something”. Gotta go see 🙂

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Not in the least bit copyrighted by Tim Aldiss 2012