“The World Without Us” by Alan Wiseman

OK so I haven’t read it but there was an inspiring review of this new book in the Guardian last week. The book speculates on the world after humanity has gone which is like “a slow motion disaster spectacular and feel-good movie rolled into one.” Go figure.

Inspiring insights include the following:

– the biggest ships entering the Panama Canal have just 2 feet of clearance either side;
- there may be as many as a billion bird deaths in the US alone from flying into glass;
- the best place to store your things for longevity is underground… OK so no surprises but avoid the channel tunnel as it’s likely that it will flood from the French end with rising sea levels;
- the amount of plastic bags in the sea, on top of and underneath the waves, has already passed beyond computation (and perhaps even more interestingly there is a mass build up of plastic bags in the sea – a placvy bag graveyard – at a place called the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre but also known as the Great pacific Garbage Patch!)

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