Setting up the blog…

just start writing, just start writing!

So let me try and demonstrate how easy this process was.

Step 1: – the best place to buy and park your domains with greatest flexibility. This is the fun bit – testing and registering the domain – do you like mine?! It was either this or, but maybe that’s a little too grand for the time being 😉 Interestingly the last time I checked had been registered and was being held, so I wonder how much the Aldiss Superstore paid for it in the end?!

Step 2: – although in the end I have set up hosting through IT guru Dave Craddock at work Host Gator came highly recommended, and is unbelievabley cheap for PHP hosting, which is what you need to blog. I host my other site with Newnet the upgrade cost for PHP didn’t make sense for what will certainly start off as a non-commercial enterprise.

Step 3: – so I did a quyick dirty user research exercise by asking a random selection of geeks colleagues here at iCrossing to see what platform they recommended. So I tried Joomla but didn’t get beyond installation. The reasons for this are two-fold. Firstly an error came up and iI couldn’t quickly find the answer (OK so I was trying to do the install during work hours!), and secondly because Dan Goodwin happened to pass by my desk and told me that he’d just switched back over to WordPress for all it’s gadgets, and that’s exactly what I wanted to hear! (Jim Byford’s blog is also hosted on the WordPress platform and I love his style).

Step 4: download WordPress for free. Unzip it and upload all the files into the root of the directory using a free FTP client such as Filezilla. Install the free PHP admin console if you need one.

Step 5: type in your homepage URL and follow the WordPress set up instructions.

That’s it! So easy. In fact after that I went straight on to do a search for themes and found this one – Unstandard – which again was really easy to install by following the instructions.

So now I need to think of something to write…. and you know what the problem is… there’s too much to write about! Argh! Time to read Antony Mayfield’s inspirational blog for tips on how to make note taking as easy and as portbale as possible!

Speak soon 😉

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