Prism/Spectrum Oxford 30th Anniversary Mix

2 hours of the best of 1990 – 1995 rave, techno, breakbeat & house as heard at Prism and then Spectrum, the Oxford Venue, Oxford and at various free & paid parties in and round the Thames valley and the south east and south west. Mastered from a live set recorded at the 2018 reunion and including live MC’ing from MC’s Pandy P, MC V & Jase.


Neon Light featuring Fonda Rae – Keep On Dancing (Optikal Mix)
SL2 – DJs Take Control
Urban Shakedown featuring Mickey Finn – Bass Shake
Urban Shakedown featuring Mickey Finn – Some Justice
Urban Shakedown featuring Mickey Finn – Do It Now
React 2 Rhythm – Rhythm Addiction
Zero B – Lock Up
Second Chance – In Paradise
Atomix – I Want Your Love
Thirst – The Enemy Within
Alex Lee – Take It (Techno Version)
Photon Inc. – Doin’ Our Thang (Alien)
Secret Desire – White Light
Zhana – Sanctuary Of Love (Basstone’s)
Daydreamer – Happy Dreams
Mangrove – Atmosphere & Emotion
Digital Orgasm – Moog Eruption
R.A.F. – We’ve Got To Live Together (Underground Mix)
Altern 8 – Infiltrate 202
Subject 13 – The Promise
Subject 13 – Eternity
DJ Clarkee – Polaris
Breakouts Vol II – Don’t Hold Back
B G The Prince Of Rap – Take Control Of The Party (Program Beltram Vocal Mix)
Ultraviolet – I Wish That
Convert – Nightbird
P Lion – Burn In His Hands (Spanish Guitar Mix)
Kim English – Time For Love (Molliosn Malone Club Mix)
Fargetta – The Music Is Movin’ (Mars Plastic Remix)
Johan S – The Spell, 1994 Underground Vibe, UK
R.A.F. by M. Picotto – We Gonna Get. (Extended Mix)
R.F.T.R. – Extrasyn (Extended Mix)
Havana – Shift
Bizarre Inc – I’m Gonna Get You (Original Flavour Mix)
Degrees Of Motion – Shine On (Bonus Chant)
React 2 Rythm – Intoxication
Sub Sub – Space Face
Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea

I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe

Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc.

Bladerunner 2049 opened in cinemas in the UK yesterday – 6th October 2017. I was lucky enough to catch the 2nd showing of the day at the Dukes at Komedia cinema in Brighton. Set 30 years after the original film – 2049 – it had a lot to live up to in the wake of many people’s sci fi favourite movie of all time (mine included).

As a film buff and movie goer I’ve learned to manage my expectations, so despite the teasingly pleasing imagery and news of a good producer, cinematographer and cast it wasn’t until the first tweets came in after the press screening last week that I started to lose my shit! Read more »

Toyota HJ60 1/10th RC Scaler Scratch Styrene Build

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 22.17.37

Since this blog is becoming more and more something I want to hand over to my son Archie one day I figured I’d start sharing more what he and I do together and this is a fun project thatI’ve been archiving as we went along, so here goes.

As a lad I got well into building model cars and trucks. I even came runner up in a photography competition featuring one of my early (albeit unpainted) masterpieces and got very into customisation as a teen.

Back then I could never afford some of the top end Tamiya models so ended up co-building a Wild Willy (!) with a friend of mine across the street. Oh boy that was fun! So now, in my forties, and reliving those years through my son Archie I’ve bought him a couple of kits for us to build and play with together.

The latter of which was a Deadbolt on the Axial SCX-10 chassis, and having done a fair amount of reading up decided that we’d set about building a custom body for it. Read more »

My Inspiration for Travel

Where did you get yours from?

Growing up in the 70’s & 80’s dad used to drag us around all over the place. My longest lasting memories are of those trips we had in various hired campervans. That’s where I got the bug for the campervan infatuation that I’m passing on to my kids.

What about my dad? Well as an author he thankfully has well-documented experience of travelling that started with his time in the war as part of the Forgotten Army, which took him to Burma (Myanmar), Singapore and Hong Kong. But his independent travelling started in 1966, when he took mum on what was then an epic journey by road (and track) from Oxford to Ohrid in the then Yugoslavia. Read more »

Crazy P – New Album – Walk Dance Talk Sing

How lovely to look forward to Crazy P returning to Brighton to play a full live set later this month. Their new album has only just be unveiled but it is available to stream as of today via Soundcloud, and below. Enjoy. We love the Crazy P and this new one is just as good as all the others – a doozy 🙂

Crazy P – Walk Dance Talk Sing

Read more »

NASA Travel Posters


NASA’s own exoplanet travel posters – awesome!

Wow look at these beautiful pieces of poster artwork commissioned by NASA themselves to help inspire a generation to stay on board with the space discovery missions being run by NASA. Commissioned to look like art deco 1930’s era classic poster-work they certainly evoke memories of some classic science fiction artwork and could easily adorn any boys bedroom wall (and even their dad’s!)

There are brief descriptions of each on NASA California Jet Propulsion website here (where hi-res TIFF versions are also available to download) but the artwork really speaks for itself. Read more »

Submotion Orchestra – a study in bass & production

Formed in Leeds in 2009 the Submotion Orchestra are touching the zeitgeist with their dynamic frequencies and crisp production. Their sound has been heralded by younger dance fans and ageing beard-stroking musos alike. Influences span the decades, from jazz, to soul, ambient, dubstep, electronica and house but are all nailed firmly to the ground with some very sharp production and use of ground-breaking technology. Read more »

Interstellar is out of this world!

I have to say that I loved the movie Interstellar. There’s something so bold and inspiring about it’s message that to me it feels like a call to action for our generation and that of our kids.

Christopher Nola’s epic magnum opus Interstellar opened on Friday 8th Nov 2014. I saw it in it’s native 70mm IMAX format and it was a simply wonderful visual and sonic feast. With a soundtrack by Hans Zimmer it’s audio mix was sometimes almost too over-powering, and at points over-bearing on the dialogue, but had a stealth and grandeur that matched the breadth and depth of the film and it’s themes. Read more »

True Detective – True Drama

I am a huge Mad Men fan and was a huge Breaking Bad fan (and before them West Wing, et al.) and felt compelled (for the first time) to write something about this extraordinary drama unfolding before my eyes.



Read more »

Magic Mix Tape Tracklistings – The Magician

Since I always want them and there’s no place to find them all I thought I’d curate and share The Magician’s wonderful Magic Mix Tape track listings. Enjoy

Magic Tape Forty Two

01. Julio Bashmore feat. J’danna – Rhythm Of Auld 
02. Klaves – Oh No 
03. Redondo & Leon Bolier – Sunshine [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
04. Dante Klein – Ertesuppe [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
05. The Writers Block – Don’t Look Any Further (Love You All Over) [ULTRA]
06. Kokiri – Retrospect 
07. Kelis – Rumble (BrEaCh Remix) [NINJA]
08. DZ – House Every Weekend 
09. Dusky – Yoohoo [17 STEPS]
10. Friend Within – The Holiday [HE LOVES YOU]
11. Drew Hill – Talk To You (Groove Armada Remix) [DANSE CLUB]
12. Godford – Tragic Soul (Michael Calfan Remix)

Magic Tape Forty Two

01. Disciples – They Don’t Know
02. The Flexican & Sef – Mother’s Day
03. Shift K3Y – I Know 04. Klaves – People
05. Karen Harding – Say Something
06. NO ID – ?
07. Sakima – Energy (Courage Remix)
08. Blonde – I Loved You
09. Higher Self ft. Lauren Mason – Ghosts
10. Syv – Holding Back
11. SRTW – We Were Young (Sascha Kloeber Remix)
12. Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me (Alex Adair Remix)
13. Fastlane Lexi Love – Never Say No
14. Cyril Hahn ft. Ryan Ashley – Open

Magic Tape Forty Two

01. Farrow – In Your Arms
02. Danglo – Forget You
03. Linden Jay feat. Sam Frank – Be Like You
04. Beni feat. Anthony & Cleopatra – Protect
05. Billon feat. Maxine Ashley – Special
06. Moko – Your Love
07. Gabriel & Castellon – Don’t You Know
08. Le Youth feat. Javeon – Wanna Feel Your Love
09. Jonas Rathsman – Skepparkrans
10. Franky Rizardo – A New Recreation
11. Linier – Dance With Me
12. Jessie Ware – Tough Love (Cyril Hahn Remix)

Magic Tape Forty Two

01. Mausi – My Friend has a Swimming Pool (The Magician remix)
02. Wilfred Giroux – Stronger (extended mix)
03. The Night Light – Your Love
04. Nicky Night Time – Everybody Together
05. Ferreck Dawn & Redondo – Love Too Deep
06. Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck
07. Monarchy – Living Without You (MK remix)
08. Livin’ Joy – Dreamer (????? REMIX)
09. Disciples – Poison Arrow (Kilter remix)
10. Nile Rodgers – What You Wanna Do (Moon Boots remix)
11. Whitney – Love will save the Day (The Golden Boy remix)

Magic Tape Forty Two

01. Mickey – Sweet Baby
02. Javeon – Intoxicated(The Magician Remix)
03. Kulkid – Forgot about Kul
04. Disclosure & Friend Within – The Mechanism
05. Sub Focus – Close (feat. MNEK) (Friend Within Remix)
06. Youan – Lose Control
07. Katy B – Still(Billon Remix)
08. ID – ID
09. Kelis – Rumble(Breach Remix)
10. Eagles For Hands – Handprints

Magic Tape Forty One

01. #Unknown – NEW #79
02. The Knocks feat. X Ambassadors – Comfortable (Rogue Vogue remix)
03. Spada – Red Velvet
04. Dan Croll – From Nowhere (Mike Mago remix)
05. Hot Natured – Benediction (LXURY remix)
06. Jonas Rathsman – Hope I’m Wrong
07. Journeyman – Constellations
08. Isaac Tichauer – Changes
09. The Young Punx – All These Things Are Gone

Magic Tape Forty

01. Rog2kay Years and Years – Real ( Tobtok remix )
02. Watermät – Bullit
03. Chasing Kurt ‘From The Inside’ (Henrik Schwarz remix)
04. Dorsia – Ghana
05. Chromeo – Come Alive ( The Magician Remix )
06. Mike Mago – Man Hands
07. Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt – Shake that ( Blonde Remix )
08. Lancelot – Givin it up ( Panda Remix )
09. Ellie Goulding – Goodness Gracious ( Honest Remix ) Read more »

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